• Nutrients from Flaxseeds
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  • The Health Benefits Of Beets
    They’re rich in antioxidants, electrolytes like potassium and magnesium. They’re packed with B-vitamins, especially folic acid. They’ve got Vitamin C, and they’re loaded with fiber. The post The Health Benefits... Read more »
  • Rosacea: More Than Skin Deep
    Thus the most important anti-rosacea strategy is to look for digestive allergies or intolerances and eliminate problem foods. Caloric restriction and fasting can... The post Rosacea: More Than Skin Deep... Read more »
  • Study Finds Psychiatric Diagnosis to be ‘Scientifically Meaningless’
    “Perhaps it is time we stopped pretending that medical-sounding labels contribute anything to our understanding of the complex causes of human distress or of what kind of help we need... Read more »
  • New Research Shows Parkinson’s Disease Origins in the Gut
    In experiments in mice, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers say they have found additional evidence that Parkinson’s disease originates among cells in the gut and travels up the body’s neurons to... Read more »
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    The humble cabbage is an economically important plant with European origins. While eaten all over the world, it has a reputation of being boring because it’s often used as a... Read more »
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    Dr. Matthew Cook is a former anesthesiologist who became a regenerative medicine specialist and founder of BioReset Medical1 in Campbell, California. In this interview, we discuss several novel therapies offered... Read more »
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  • Is a Colonoscopy Worth the Risk?
    Knowing your potential risk for developing cancer can help you weigh the risks against the benefits of different tests for your situation. According to the American Cancer Society,1 more than... Read more »
  • Vitamin C Lowers Mortality in Severe Sepsis
    One of the leading causes of death in American hospitals is something many are still unfamiliar with: septicemia (sepsis or septic shock). Also known as blood poisoning among lay people,... Read more »
  • Washing Machines Spreading Deadly Superbugs
    An early version of the washing machine was introduced in the 1850s and has since evolved from manual labor gear devices to high tech machines that assistance dogs are able... Read more »
  • Would You Trade the World’s Most Nutritious Food for Gold?
    During a six-week period every summer, fishermen head out to Bristol Bay, Alaska, to catch their share of wild sockeye salmon. An estimated 38 million of the fish return to... Read more »
  • GMO Avocados in Development
    Avocados not only are one of the world’s healthiest fruits, they’re also among the most economically important, representing a $13 billion market in 2017.1 Avocados have been enjoyed since ancient... Read more »
  • Children Taken From Parents Who Refuse Vitamin K Shot
    Since 1961, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has recommended that all newborns receive a vitamin K1 injection to prevent uncontrolled bleeding caused by vitamin K deficiency.1,2 Vitamin K1 is... Read more »
  • Health Benefits of MSM — A Powerful Sulfur Donor
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  • Vitamin A Can Save Your Skin
    Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer found in the U.S., and the most common of those are basal and squamous cell cancers.1 Although death from these types... Read more »
  • Weekly Health Quiz: Dementia and Cholesterol
    1 Recent research suggests many nutrient deficiencies around the world could be effectively addressed and resolved by: Providing free supplements via global aid organizations Fairer fish trade, allowing more fish... Read more »
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