Dr Berg – The Best Remedies for Myocarditis



0:00 Introduction: Support a healthy heart

0:34 What is myocarditis?

0:56 Best remedies for myocarditis

6:45 Learn more about tocotrienols!


There are many different potential causes of myocarditis, from viruses to medications, but what about natural solutions?







Myocarditis is an inflammatory condition in the heart muscle that can lead to fibrosis and various other health problems.


Alternative remedies for myocarditis:

1. Japanese knotweed

• It has anti-aging effects

• It’s a potent anti-inflammatory

• It has antiviral effects

2. Tocotrienols (vitamin E)

• It can help inhibit fibrosis

• It has antioxidant properties

• It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects

3. Vitamin D3

• It has strong anti-inflammatory properties

• It has a similar effect to steroids

4. Olive leaf extract (oleanolic acid)

• It’s antiviral

• It’s anti-inflammatory

5. Cardiotrophin PMG (Standard Process)

• It may help support the heart by rerouting antibodies


With this condition, you may need to avoid exercise to help reduce inflammation.

It’s also crucial to get on the Healthy Keto® diet and start intermittent fasting.


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