What You Don’t Know BUT Need To Know From 30 Years of Published Research About Nicotine


Why You Don’t Know


How to Use Nicotine


Dr Bryan Ardis


Did you know that….

  • your organic veggies are high in nicotine?.
  • nicotine is a reversing agent and a cure for Parkinson’s?.
  • nicotine is a curing agent and preventative for Alzheimer’s?
  • nicotine can prevent and cure Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?.
  • during the pandemic it was proven and shown that nicotine could dissolve a brain tumour in any mammal in 3 days?.
  • It is published that nicotine by itself (NOT FROM SMOKING) can reverse hypothyroidism (Low Thyroid Function)


Listening to this 9 minute interview below, will be a transformational experience for you, as Dr Ardis explains

How a man who had Parkinson’s disease for 6 years was free of all symptoms within 2 weeks

Why the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has suppressed this information in favour of Big Pharma’s big profits drug therapy industry.


How to Use Nicotine


Full Interview The Shocking Unbelievable Truth about Nicotine & the Role it had in the Covid Plandemic


Nicotine is a reversing agent and cure for numerous ailments, including

    • Alzheimer’s
    • Arthritis
    • Brain Tumours
    • Hypothyroidism
    • Long Covid – See list of symptoms
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Myocarditis (inflammation of the heart)
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Type 1 Diabetes
    • Ulcerated Colitis


Awakening Podcast

Nicotine – Cure or Toxin?


Healing Parkinson’s Disease

In the episode (below) from his weekly show, Dr. Ardis

  • Discusses strategies for preventing and treating Parkinson’s disease.
  • Highlights supplements like taurine, selenium, and a foreign protein cleanse as potential aids in managing the condition.
  • Symptoms of Parkinson’s and common pharmaceutical drugs used for treatment, cautioning against relying solely on medication due to potential side effects.
  • Discusses the potential benefits of nicotine in treating Parkinson’s disease and suggests considering nicotine patches or gum as part of a treatment plan.
  • Emphasizes the importance of educating oneself and consulting with healthcare professionals when exploring treatment options for Parkinson’s disease.


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1. Website The Dr Ardis Show


2. Is there any RESEARCH that nicotine is beneficial?

US National Library of Medicine (National Center for Biotechnology Information

Beneficial Effects of Nicotine



3. Is Nicotine Addictive?

Pyrazene is a chemical added to cigarettes by the tobacco industry to make nicotine highly addictive  – otherwise nicotine is NOT addictive at all.

After the tobacco plant, the aubergine (egg plant) contains the most nicotine. Do you know anyone who is addicted to aubergines (egg plants)?

or cauliflowers?

and so on – (6 Unexpected Foods and Drinks That Contain Nicotine)


Published Research PaperA study of pyrazines in cigarettes and how additives might be used to enhance tobacco addiction


This article is published on the National Library of Medicine website


Same Article on BMJ (British Medical Journal) website



“Why did the US FDA (Food & Drugs Aministration) LIE About NICOTINE in 1994? Pyrazines, the tobacco ADDITIVE is the addictive part in cigarettes”

Dr. Bryan Ardis



Is Nicotine Effective for Post-COVID Symptoms and Long Covid?

Do you or anyone you know still suffer with these symptoms, post covid?

    • chronic fatigue
    • can’t Take Deep Breathes
    • chest tightness / pain
    • cognitive impairment
    • concentration difficulties
    • diarrhea
    • dizziness
    • exercise intolerance
    • headache
    • heart palpitations
    • loss of taste and smell
    • low-grade fever
    • memory lapses
    • mood disorders
    • motor deficits
    • muscle pain and weakness
    • new onset of diabetes
    • new onset of hypertension
    • sleep Difficulties
    • vomiting

Between 35 percent and 87 percent of people worldwide infected with COVID-19 struggle from the 21 symptoms, with an “unpredictable” duration.


After six months, subjects suffering from long-haul COVID reported 14 persistent symptoms.


Dr Ardis has proposed nicotine and its agents as possible therapies for COVID-19 because the venom-derived spike proteins were targeting nicotine receptors.


The April 2020 study, he added, “explains why smokers are not ending up in hospitals with COVID because nicotine is already in their body, and it binds to these receptors that the venoms target called spike proteins of COVID.”


“But nicotine has a 30 times higher binding ability than venoms. Therefore, in the presence of nicotine, the body will always grab on the nicotine and venom can’t bind to those nicotine receptors. If venom is already bound to them and you introduce nicotine, nicotine releases the venom and the nicotine is then replaced at the attachment of the cell. Ivermectin does the same thing, just not as strong as nicotine does.”

Published Study – A nicotinic hypothesis for Covid-19 with preventive and therapeutic implications


January 2023 – Study published by Marco Leitzke

 This study highlights 4 case studies of long-hauler COVID patients and their miraculous recovery in just 6 days, by using 7mg Nicotine Patches* topically (applied directly to a part of the body)!

In this incredible episode, Laura Sophie Helbig talks with Dr. Med. Marco Leitzke D.E.S.A about his groundbreaking study to ease long covid and ME/CFS symptoms and even cure them!

Furthermore, they talk about how you can test it out yourself at home, and here are all the links you might need.

It is not a silver bullet for everyone, but it does help many and Laura knows personally people who cured their ME/CFS with it, so it is worth a shot.

Link to Study: Is the post-COVID-19 syndrome a severe impairment of acetylcholine-orchestrated neuromodulation that responds to nicotine administration?


Conclusion of study – “Treating several individuals suffering from post-COVID-19 syndrome with a nicotine patch* application, we witnessed improvements ranging from immediate and substantial to complete remission in a matter of days.”


*Nicotine patches, are NOT toxic and once you take them off the nicotine will leave your body in a couple of hours.


Interview with Health Ranger, Mike Adams.

Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals BOMBSHELL findings about reptilian VENOM PEPTIDES in popular weight loss drugs, and role of NICOTINE in healing “long COVID”.

0:00 Ozempic drug side effects and warnings. 

8:09 – Unconventional medical treatments and their risks. 

12:55 Venom-based drugs and their potential side effects.

17:59 Snake venom-based drugs and their connection to COVID-19.

23:11Nicotine addiction and COVID-19 treatment.

28:26 Nicotine addiction and FDA deception.

34:04 Nicotine patches for COVID-19 treatment.

37:17 – Nicotine as a potential cure for COVID-related brain tumors.

40:52 – Nicotine’s potential health benefits and FDA regulations.

Nicotine proven to

      • Slow the progress and reverse all Parkinsons’ Disease symptoms
      • Published to reverse Alzheimers and Dementia
      •  Proven to help improve Hypothyroidism
      •  Also Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Tumours, Autism

45:48 Natural remedies for COVID-19 

51:37 – Healthy instant meals and donation to charity.


See Also.

Where can I find the research and documents that Dr. Ardis speaks about?




There is a good chance the above information shocked you.


According to the author Dale Carnegie, people are emotional creatures, bristling with pride and vanity.

That means if information contradicts deeply embedded, programmed prejudices, you will instinctively reject it by subconsciously telling yourself “if that was true, I would know.”

You live in a global deception, and through media, advertisements, and all forms of applied psychology, and propaganda, Big Pharma has programmed you to embrace an attitude that promotes ignorance, illness, and reliance on symptom suppressing medication.

You, likely, have also been programmed to sneer at, or dismiss information that points to

  • prevention of sickness 
  • cure of sickness by removing the underlying cause of sickness
  • the maintenance of good health

To live a long, healthy, and happy life in this modern techno world, a growth mindset, rather than a fixed mindset, is essential – And you need your wits about you.

You probably suspect that global pharmaceutical companies are more interested in huge profits than your health (and will say and do anything to get those profits) – But, your health related decisions are made as though the opposite were true.

Chances are, like most people, you are not a well person. Like most people you have been indoctrinated with a learned helplessness attitude.

Like most people, you believe your only recourse to sickness is a journey to the doctor (with your fingers crossed), and perhaps a series of visits to a consultant, followed by an operation, and a life on more and more of Big Pharma’s meds.

Western medicine has its place.

But you need to educate yourself to recognise where that place is in your life.


Does Big Pharma Really Put Their Profits Before My Health?


The Guardian Newspaper

Revealed: pharma giants pour millions of pounds into NHS to boost drug sales | Pharmaceuticals industry | The Guardian

Payments to UK health professionals and organisations, including donations, sponsorship, consultancy fees and expenses, reached a record £200m in 2022, excluding R&D with companies seeking to promote lucrative drugs for obesity, diabetes and heart conditions among the biggest spenders.


“Pharma” by Gerald Posner

Award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author Gerald Posner traces the heroes and villains of the trillion-dollar-a-year pharmaceutical industry and uncovers how those once entrusted with improving life have often betrayed that ideal to corruption and reckless profiteering—with deadly consequences.


The Corrupt History of Medicine by Calley Means

Fox News

Addicted, Sick People (Especially Children) Are Very Profitable For Big Pharma & Big Food

Award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author, Calley Means,  traces the heroes and villains of the trillion-dollar-a-year pharmaceutical industry and uncovers how those once entrusted with improving life have often betrayed that ideal to corruption and reckless profiteering—with deadly consequences.


New York Times



Rumble – The Dr Ardis Show

More video interviews with Dr Bryan Ardis

How to use Nicotine


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